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Dentistry for Madison prides itself on keeping up with the constant advancements in dental technology. We have been improving and adapting our equipment and techniques to adapt to your needs since 1994, and we are confident that the care you get here will exceed your expectations.


Using digital X-ray technology allows us to view your X-rays on a computer in the exam room. These images can be viewed immediately, eliminating the wait time involved in traditional X-ray development. We can enhance and enlarge the image in order to assess your condition more efficiently. These high quality X-rays gives us a chance to identify tooth decay at an early stage and treat it before it becomes more serious.


Using a CT Scan while prepping for your dental implant procedure gives us the opportunity to create a 3-D surgical guide which will optimize the precision with which we angle your implant. This accuracy reduces the risk for complication and gives us yet another tactic with which we can perfect your results.


Commonly used to create crowns, inlays, onlays, and porcelain veneers, CEREC® technology allows Dr. Jay Hazen to create and place most of your restoration in just one office visit. Combining the use of a 3-D imaging system and a milling machine that fabricates your porcelain restorations in just minutes, the CEREC® machine has revolutionized our cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry techniques.

iTero Intraoral Scanner

Unlike other dentists in the area, at Dentistry for Madison patients are able to see their before and after transformation photos prior to Invisalign treatment with the iTero Intraoral Scanner. The Invisalign Outcome Simulator helps patients visualize their treatment outcome, make real-time adjustments to simulations and easily project corrections.


Patients and dentists are raving about the efficient and anesthesia-free procedures this laser performs.  Heat and vibration from a dental drill are largely responsible for the pain many patients associate with the dental experience.  The Solea Laser, however, cuts the target tissue using solely oxygen, eliminating contact, heat, vibration, and pressure caused by traditional drills. Traditional drills can crack your healthy teeth, which can cause cavities to develop underneath your fillings which often must be treated with a root canal.  Solea’s state-of-the-art technology effectively removes decay without damaging the healthy part of the tooth or the soft tissue of your mouth.


If you are looking into Dentistry For Madison after having a negative experience with another doctor or are dealing with dental anxiety, our conscious sedation may give you a chance to relax and give your smile the attention it deserves. We offer a variety of sedatives that may help ease your stress about being at the dentist, all of which are safe and highly effective techniques. Call us or stop by to talk with one of our doctors about our sedation options.


At Dentistry For Madison, we pride ourselves on staying current with advancing trends in dental technology. Our dedication to learning new techniques allows us to further improve the results you see. If you are interested in scheduling a consultation with us, please contact our dental office today.


Dentistry technology at Dr. Jay Hazen's Madison dental practice has been improving throughout the years. One of their first improvements in technology was the use of digital X-rays, allowing them to instantly see a patient's teeth in detail. Their practice also uses equipment like Sonic Care, CEREC, and a CAT scan machine.

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