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A filling is a treatment used to replace decayed parts of your teeth (cavities). At our practice, those unsightly metal fillings that would tarnish your beautiful smile have become a thing of the past. We offer tooth-colored fillings at Dentistry for Madison that provide long-lasting, natural-looking results. Our dental experts can recognize when metal fillings are threatening to fracture. Proactively restoring these outdated fillings helps to prevent toothaches, severe temperature sensitivity, and tooth breaks.

If you have metal fillings that are causing you pain, or are experiencing pain in a tooth that may need a filling, contact Dentistry for Madison today to schedule a consultation.

Understanding The Procedures

We will begin placing your filling by administering anesthesia. Once you are comfortable, we will remove the decayed portion of your tooth. Because tooth-colored fillings are bonded directly to your teeth, the need for drilling drops significantly.

Once we confirm that the decayed material has been removed, we will clean the tooth to remove any bacteria or debris. The filling material will then be applied to restore the structure of the tooth and a special light will help the filling harden and set. Your newly restored tooth will be filed to remove any excess filling and to optimize your bite. We will finish and polish your teeth, and send you home with a gorgeous smile.

The Disadvantages Of Metal Fillings

Silver, gold, and amalgam fillings have become less and less popular. They present a few different negative effects and results, some of which include:

  • Aesthetics – Metal fillings fill your mouth with a metallic color and take away from the beauty of your smile.
  • Destruction of tooth structure – Healthy parts of your teeth often have to be removed to make space for metal fillings.
  • Discoloration – The metallic color of fillings can cause the surrounding tooth structure to take on an unnatural hue.
  • Risk of fracture – Your teeth expand and contract when exposed to hot and cold liquids, because your metal fillings do not adjust at the same rate as your natural teeth, the expansion and contraction can lead to a higher risk of fracture.
  • Toxins – Amalgam fillings, which contain mercury, can be toxic.

The Advantages Of Tooth-Colored Fillings

Some of the benefits to choosing non-metal fillings include:

  • Less extraneous damage – Because these restorations are bonded directly to the teeth, the removal of healthy tooth structure is unnecessary. This preserves the basic architecture and strength of your tooth.
  • Aesthetic options – We can match your fillings to the color of your natural teeth to provide an imperceptible restoration.
  • Safety – Because non-metal material reacts more naturally to changing temperature, the risk of fracture is dramatically lower.

Contact Us

If you have old metal fillings that are causing you pain or think you may have a cavity, we invite you to contact Dentistry for Madison to talk with one of our dentists. Our level of expertise and depth of experience are rare in dentistry, and we are confident that we can provide you with exceptional results.

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