7 Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

7 Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

What’s a little known way to reduce your chances of contracting heart disease, stroke or diabetes? According to the American Dental Association (ADA), having straighter teeth can improve your mouth, body and mind.

It’s actually not just your teeth, but also what holds them in place: Your gums. When your teeth are crooked, your gums are more susceptible to collecting harmful bacteria, which can lead to health complications.

However, increased bacteria is just one of many health issues associated with crooked teeth. It also comes with a host of other problems, including weakened tooth enamel, lower self-esteem, and other problems you may have never guessed could be alleviated by having your teeth straightened.


1. Gives you healthier gums – When teeth are too widely spaced or crowded, they often become inflamed and red. These characteristics not only look bad, they’re a sign of periodontal disease.

Straightening your teeth helps the gums fit more securely around the teeth, creating the strongest defense against periodontal problems.

2. Makes teeth easier to clean – Crowded teeth are much more difficult to floss, which can lead to plaque buildup and eventually tooth decay. The inability to remove all the food caught in the brackets and wires of metal braces can also lead to a similar outcome.

3. Prevents abnormal tooth wear – Crowded bottom teeth often cause one or more teeth to jut out, which rub against the upper teeth. Over time, this leads to an inefficient chewing function and can cause undue wear to tooth enamel.

4. Decreases your risk of tooth injury – Crowded, protruding upper teeth are more likely to be broken in the event of an accident.

5. Decreases headaches or neck pain – Crooked teeth place excessive stress on the gums and the bone that supports the teeth. This can also be a sign of a jaw misalignment, which can lead to chronic headaches as well as face or neck pain.

6. Improves self-esteem and happiness – An important component of your overall health is your mental health. Numerous studies have shown that having a better looking smile increases the amount you smile, which in turn leads to various health benefits, including lower stress and improved cognition.

7. Improves overall health – The tooth decay and gum disease associated with crooked teeth are caused by decay. Left untreated, this bacteria can lead to mouth sores, bleeding gums and possible tooth loss.

Studies by the ADA have also proven that bacteria can create oral infections, which may lead to more serious ailments including heart disease, stroke, diabetes and pneumonia.

Fortunately, a solution like Invisalign provides an easy, nearly transparent way to achieve straight teeth.

Invisalign is a technology that relies on retainer-like transparent aligners to correct your teeth. You wear the aligners for at least 22 hours per day, removing them only for eating or drinking. Every two weeks, you put in a new set of aligners, which continue to shift your teeth incrementally.

Patients who choose Invisalign are generally attracted to the fact that it doesn’t rely on bulky metal braces to give you a great smile.

Additionally, Invisalign aligners are easy to remove, so you can brush and floss your teeth without interruption. Cosmetically, this also prevents stains from accumulating on your teeth, as is common with metal braces.

Average cases take between 8 months and a year, but differ widely depending on your individual case.

To determine if you’re a good Invisalign candidate, set up a consultation with a dentist or orthodontist who supports Invisalign. You can also take an Invisalign Assessment Test, but realize that only a certified expert can tell you with certainty whether or not Invisalign will work for you.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not to get your teeth straightened, realize that doing so improves more than just your smile. In fact, straightening your teeth with a solution like Invisalign benefits both your physical and mental health.



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